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Wear It loud and proud!


Are you going to Apocalypticus? Do you wanna announce it to the world? Well now's your chance - our Merch Store is now online.

You can grab anything from T-shirts and Hoodies to Insulated Mugs and iPhone cases!

Tell everyone you're into the best little Post-Apocalyptic festival on the planet!

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ROADtoruin 2022 FESTIVAL - what a show!

Road to Ruin 4 was a blinding success! There will be a full report on the festival together with videos, photos and links to reviews.


The new venue was compact and bijou but never overcrowded. Camping was bountiful with capacity to run full weekend camping alongside a separate field for day visitors.     

The Road Run took all the maddest vehicles off-site with a motorcycle escort through the villages and towns - the route was released to the public and there were gatherings of awe-struck spectators applauding en route.

Checkout the Road to Ruin FaceBook page for regular updates or search Road to Ruin on the web for Insta and other Social feeds.

All in all this was a thoroughly British Apocalypse - check here for details of the next Armageddon!

Visit the 2022 Event Page for regular reports and updates

Participants of the Road to Ruin ROAD RUN assembled at the Wriggley Monkey Brewery at Bicester Heritage.


If you attended - you'll know what I'm talking about. If you missed it - you're gonna wanna go next year! Social media is alive with all the ace pics and great feedback on an extra-special festival.

We will have reams of photos from this event as soon as the photographers have recovered! Bookmark this page and check in regularly for updates.

Can't wait? Here are the quicklinks to all the Road to Ruin Festivals so far..

2017 event page  2018 event page  2019 event page  2020 event page  2022 event page


You made it!

Glad to see that you got here safely, there aren't too many of us left out there now and some of those that survived are to be avoided at all costs!

It appears that this apocalypse that has befallen the globe has just about every facet plausible, we've seen plagues of zombies along with other creatures, heavy viral outbreaks, of course the nukes to contain the issues only compounded the disaster!

This has almost become the human extinction event!

Fortunately a few of the roads are still in order so transport is a serious blessing if you have it, although modifying it to deal with the likely situations will probably be necessary.  The community itself is aimed to be a springboard for other tribes to join us before dispersing out with a plan to cleanse the earth and re-establish humanity

Enough of the Banter:

Desolation Alley - Discount Tickets

If you are planning to bring an Armageddon-themed vehicle you may qualify for a discount ticket!

Simply click here or log onto the FaceBook page and send us a PM with pictures and a description and if suitable, we will discount the drivers ticket.


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