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Due to Government advised lockdown to control COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have revised the dates for the 2020 event - Road to Ruin will now take place 11-13 September at a totally new location. All existing tickets will be valid for the new date, checkout the Road to Ruin FaceBook page for regular updates.

2019 - What a Weekend That Was!

If you attended - you'll know what I'm talking about. If you missed it - you're gonna wanna go next year! Social media is alive with all the ace pics and great feedback on an extra-special festival.

We will have reams of photos from this event as soon as the photographers have recovered! Bookmark this page and check in regularly for updates.

In the meantime here are just a couple of shots from the 2019 Apocalypticus event...

To see more visit the 2019 event page

COVID-19 and Road to Ruin

Attention all survivors,
Given the relatively new & very genuinely aggressive virus strain that is sweeping the globe, devastating lives, we wish to make you all aware that we are carefully monitoring the situation of this outbreak. If the powers in control do decide that any group gatherings pose a very real risk and need to be avoided, then for the sake of everyones safety, continuation of the clans and proliferation of our gathering we will act accordingly and fall into line.
Please check this page and our FaceBook page for regular updates.

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WESTCOTT, the home of APOCALYPTICUS is no more. 


After several skirmishes and a valiant fight by the allied guerilla CLANS of Nitr0gene, Attitude and ThunderDog, known collectively as Road to Ruin NOMADS, the onslaught of PROPDEVCORP proved insurmountable and the refuge has fallen.


But FEAR NOT for ROAD to RUIN 2020 

has relocated to a new site at a secret location near to the original site.
Full details will be released nearer to the event so keep checking for news.

The NEW HOME of Apocalypticus will be celebrated in style with 

3 FULL DAYS of entertainment, spectacular vehicles, 

Road Run, stalls, food, beer and fantastic atmosphere.



You made it!

Glad to see that you got here safely, there aren't too many of us left out there now and some of those that survived are to be avoided at all costs!

It appears that this apocalypse that has befallen the globe has just about every facet plausible, we've seen plagues of zombies along with other creatures, heavy viral outbreaks, of course the nukes to contain the issues only compounded the disaster!

This has almost become the human extinction event!

Fortunately a few of the roads are still in order so transport is a serious blessing if you have it, although modifying it to deal with the likely situations will probably be necessary.  The community itself is aimed to be a springboard for other tribes to join us before dispersing out with a plan to cleanse the earth and re-establish humanity

Enough of the Banter:

Desolation Alley - Discount Tickets

If you are planning to bring an Armageddon-themed vehicle you may qualify for a discount ticket!

Simply click here or log onto the FaceBook page and send us a PM with pictures and a description and if suitable, we will discount the drivers ticket.

Road to Ruin Location

Apocalypticus - Road to Ruin 2020

is to be held at a currently secret location in North Bucks.

Full details will be available here soon,
including Google Plus code, map links, long/lat info and what3words.


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