Concept and construction

The first Apocalyptica saw the commandeering of an ex WW2 airbase at Finmere, Buckinghamshire.

The terrain was rather hostile as there was precious little cover from the elements, chiefly wind. The only remaining structure from its airbase years was a delapidated concrete control tower.

The tower was adapted for use as the principle location for the Laser emitters - these were used to great effect scanning above the heads of the revellers and bouncing off the smoke from cooking and campfires.

Much of the site was dressed with Marquees and Traders stalls with the main Entertainment Marquee at the focus. 

An imposing entrance 'Gate' was erected showing to all that they had reached the Epicentre.

Site Builds


Year two saw the venue move to a new location, Another ex military site 9 miles south of the original site. 

This one added rocket research to it's list of developments.

The build was somewhat more ambitious than the original given that they had four months to create a set rather than the original week. 

The scavenge hunt was on as the space to be filled was over twice the size, truck after truck loaded with interesting quarry turned up and helped create the exceptional visuals that finally manifested itself as "The Village"


This included themed rooms and maze like walkways that drew you through and out into the amphitheatre like frontage which contained the traders stalls and onwards to the incredible stage area. 

A seperate point housed the arena, the place for shows and battles to commence


Year four will see another epic build, at a totally new site. Due to the restrictions imposed by the Actual C-19 Apocalypse the new site will be radically different to previous builds. This time operations will be zoned with separate themed camping areas for Tribes, and a totally new Performance Stage from Planet Grunt. 

There will be provision for tents, caravans, motorhomes and the occasional Tank. 

Year three saw another epic build, but this time operations were centred in the woods. 

In true British Post-Apocalyptic style we ran for cover, creating a secret survival state unseen by Zombies and Marauders - check the video. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.