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2021 turned out to be Apocalyptic in in our efforts to produce a safe and risk-free event. The following info shows our proposed plans for a greatly reduced attendance with enhanced safety measures in place.

We decided to follow government guidance and alongside almost every Festival in the UK the event was cancelled to best protect our dedicated fans and our festival team.

C19 and Armageddon - Our original plans for 2021 event.

The following information is taken from Government Guidance for Performing Arts during the C-19 Pandemic. As of 18/07/20.


The Road to Ruin Festival Organisers (R2R) will adhere to the guidance and implement safe practice to ensure the health and safety of all attendees, performers, entertainers, food and drink purveyors, traders, marshals, backstage staff and support teams.


R2R will Conduct a specific risk assessment for the venue and the proposed activities to identify:

• The likely numbers of people that will be at the venue - this will be determined through e-ticket information and enforcing cut-off date of ticket sales.

• The number of people that can reasonably follow social distancing within the venue, taking into account total space, equipment as well as likely constraints (loos and washrooms) and pinch points.

Which activities can be undertaken (such as Jugger/Combat Battles and photo-sessions) and which spaces can be used with specific measures to ensure social distancing and maintain cleaning.


R2R will endeavour to maintain social distancing wherever possible, on arrival and departure through the use of markings and introducing one-way flow at entry and exit points.


R2R will schedule a comprehensive cleaning rota for all facilities throughout the whole weekend. This will include disinfecting toilets and urinals, handles and surfaces likely to be in constant contact, including stage equipment (cables/seats/microphones etc.)


R2R will have a dedicated centre for incident and emergencies (Infirmary) with procedures to ensure they reflect and enable the social distancing principles as far as possible.


Current guidance advises the use of face coverings in all enclosed areas. R2R is primarily an open-air festival, however, some areas may be under cover. Attendees will, at present, be required to wear face coverings when entering any enclosed area. If guidance is relaxed, R2R will amend this requirement to suit.

Infection Control.

Note that ALL ADMISSIONS to the Festival will be scanned for fever and high temperatures at the gate. Persons found exhibiting high temperatures will be prevented from entering the site. Subsequent retests showing consistently high temperatures will result in total exclusion from the festival grounds. For the safety and consideration for event attendees, ALL Staff, Entertainers, Traders, Ticket Holders, Service Contractors and any visitors must comply with this initiative.


R2R will have hand-washing and fresh water facilities on-site. Hand Gel will be available however, we recommend that for additional protection, attendees should carry their own individual hand gel for personal use. Every survivalists kitbag should contain wet-wipes!

Venue Map (2021)

The proposed layout of the 2021 site was for social distancing using 5 metre allowance. Government guidance at the time recommended 3m distancing - we have deliberately shown how the area of the site can accommodate this.

Pedestrian access will be via a one-way system.

There is ample parking and camping available to ensure groups and individuals can maintain recommended distancing.

Camping will be organised by marshalls to ensure that groups can remain within their 'bubbles' and individuals can maintain the recommended safe distance throughout the campsite.

Hardstanding for a limited number of Camper Vans is available on a first come, first served basis.

Pedestrian access to the Arena will be monitored for numbers and entry may be restricted if social distancing cannot be maintained.

The Arena and main field will comfortably contain 500 persons whilst complying with 2021 guidelines. The organisers request that all attendees endeavor to self-manage social distancing, if still in place, for the comfort and safety of all festivalgoers.

Celebrate Surviving the Apocalypse in style!

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