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Road to Ruin4 2022

After the Blip we returned to the Festival planning with renewed vigour.​

The Road to Ruin FaceBook page was buzzing throughout this time with tips and tricks for Post-Apocalyptic wear and weaponry. 

Many vehicle builds and modifications were discussed - often with solutions to enable safe and legal operation on the road.

2022 was an uphill struggle to organise with actual confirmation the Festival could go ahead only received a month before the event!

The site was new - we are fast becoming true nomads with no fixed address, but was a blank canvas with just a handfull of agricultural machines and a couple of old caravans. We proceeded to move our entire stock of build materials and rescued remnants of previous events and assembled a brand new, typically British, Post-Apocalyptic refuge.

At this time we are assembling a more concise report of this years event, visit here again soon for more pics, write-ups and video links.

We have come a long way and you have supported us through trying times - We thank you all.

Long Live the ROAD to RUIN!

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