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Apocalypticus Inc. can now offer the discerning Armageddonist a glimpse into the future.


For the true vehicle customiser that is looking for that extra edge, we are truly proud to announce the release of our revolutionary new, soon to be patented, hyper drive performance enhancement system, based on the Alcubierre drive concept with the addition of a micro nuclear offset pulsed quantum reactive state time untanglement vectored warp drive pre-power unit.

The ACADEMIA performer

This equation forms the heart of our new drive system - for security reasons only part of the complete synopsis is shown here. The full theory will be shown after you have successfully leapt forward in time and then returned to this page.

Plug and Play simplicity


Our plug and play performance bolt on, just a little larger than a tube of lipgloss, fits discretely between the coil to distributor HT lead (Coil in the cap and stand alone coil plugs are currently in development).

When triggered by either dash mounted switch or bluetooth, the American Classic Automotive Warp Drive Energy Mass Interaction Actuator (A.C.A.D.E.M.I.A.) uses the initial 30,000 volt jolt from the coil to trigger a nucleus to split creating a controlled but accelerating fission reaction. At this point an Einstein Rosen bridge is created just beyond the front of the vehicle and the quantum tanglement generator assumes links fore and aft to ensure safe return.

Safety first..


A fluid activation wrap envelops the vehicle, instantaneously rendering the occupants inside remote to the activity and acceleration externally whilst also reducing hyper shock waves to the rear owing to conservation of mass at higher mach speeds. The second element of the A.C.A.D.E.M.I.A. then kicks in with a reverse pulse sonic thrust amplification generator. This in turn helps break down the entropy gradient to an almost negligible level at hypersonic speeds commonly reached within aproximately .005 of a second of departure, keeping vortical flows smooth and consistent and boundary layer temperature variations caused by the pressure increase due to viscous interaction manageable.


So you want to travel? Well so did we, and we went everywhere! 

Now you too can go travelling or keep it local without it ever encroaching on time!


Simply dial in the coordinates - we have already visited over 47,000 different planets in the known universe in 2019 alone - and have the experience of several lifetimes!

Alternatively you can just stick to this planet and just time travel N.B (current limitations only allow to travel between the present time and the past)

This exciting tuning device is only available from Apocalypticus Inc. and at a single location - Apocalypticus Road to Ruin 2020.

To avoid disappointment, book your tickets now.


We have seen the future, and it is Pink with Puece overtones. Spangly diamante green bits are attributed to water in the fuel. 



Note: Interactions with other human life in the past have proved potentially diasterous and may result in physchologically traumatic effects to one's personal continuum.

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