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Rules and Regulations for a successful Apocalypse

Death, Destruction and Mayhem may accompany the end of the world but to ensure you have an experience to remember (for all the right reasons) the organisers have assembled a few rules and guidelines to guarantee your survival.


You may bring replica/non-harmful weaponry onto the site - all items will be subject to a safety check. No blades will be allowed. 'LARP' style reproductions should be used. Any such weapon will be subjected to inspection by the Safety Team and will be determined whether allowable for display on site. All airsoft guns will need to be emptied of ammunition before being allowed on site, including magazines and no cap guns allowed. 

No live firing weapons of any kind are allowed on-site.

This includes BB Guns, Crossbows, Arrows, Darts, Bullets and other projectiles. NERF guns are allowed on site but nuisance firing of darts may result in confiscation for the duration. NERF darts must be recovered.

Non-firing replica versions of any weapon may be allowed but will require inspection upon arrival to determine safety to venue visitors.

All weapons, real or replica, will be subject to inspection by the Safety Team. If determined unsafe these will be held for the duration of the event in a secure container. All Safety Team decisions are final. If in doubt, don't bring it.

Certain restrictions may be adjusted to allow for Photo-sessions in the Themed Area, however, any items on release will be for a limited time slot and returned directly for safe storage.

Any person discovered using or displaying an unchecked weapon will face ejection from the venue with immediate effect.


Armour and Costumes

Armour and headgear comprising sharp and pointy items should be made safe to third party encounters. Sharp studs and gashy rusty metal trinkets can look effectively Mad Max but are not suitable for tight spaces with opposing foot traffic - there will be narrow passages on site.

Vehicles - driving on site


This is a closed event - ticket holders only - and as such, every ticket holder is responsible for their own health and welfare. HOWEVER, there will at times be members of the public, press, local Law enforcement and other non-ticket holders visiting the site - when driving vehicles on site please take extra care and drive with others in mind.

Stunting, fast driving and reckless behaviour will not be tolerated - there will be a dedicated burn-out area for thrills. Any persons found driving dangerously or causing nuisance to other event visitors will be subject to vehicle impound or ejection from site at best, or introduction to aforementioned Law enforcement at worst.


What about Drugs?

Our policy on drugs is based on three core messages:

  • Prevention

  • Drug dealers and abusers

  • Welfare and treatment


As organisers of Apocalypticus we do not condone the dealing in or use of illegal drugs on site. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable on site as any where else in the country.

All those attending the site will be asked to submit to a search and if found in possession will be refused entry. An amnesty bin will be available at the entrance.

Those found in possession on site will have their drugs confiscated by Security and ejected from the site, if found to have large amounts they will be detained and reported to the police. Experimenting with drugs can lead to adverse reactions. The crowds at a festival can become very frightening and disorientating. If you do take drugs and you become ill, depressed or frightened please ask a steward to direct you to one of the first aid posts or a security guard on site where you can receive help.

Drug Dealers and Abusers

Apocalypticus security and stewards will take an active role monitoring for drug dealing and will work in full co-operation with the Constabulary. When there is a strong suspicion of drug dealing, security will inform and assist the constabulary in every way possible. Security will evict and hold these persons strongly suspected of drug dealing and channel these evictions via the police for searching prior to eviction.

...and alcohol?

  • Those people too inebriated will be refused more alcohol.

  • Those causing trouble because of drunkenness will be ejected.

  • Those arriving too drunk will be refused entry.

  • An over 18 ID policy will be implemented. Only photo ID will be accepted : Passport, Photo driving licence. No ID No sale!

  • We have a fully stocked bar on site and alcohol will be allowed in the campsite. Please don't bring alcohol into he arena, please respect our traders.

Welfare and First Aid

Festival security are trained in emergency first aid and are fully informed about the welfare facilities on site. There is a welfare tent on site.

Bad Behaviour

If you suspect any bad behaviour occurring on site, whether this be misuse of weapons, drug dealing, abusive behaviour, and sexual harassment, please report immediately to a member of crew. We have a fully dedicated security team on site and bad behaviour will NOT be tolerated. We will endeavour to keep to a "three strike" rule, however if your behaviour is a risk to anyone on site, you will be evicted from site at the event manager's discretion.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are permitted but due to neighbouring livestock, must be kept on a lead at all time, no exceptions. This is to ensure everyone else's safety, protect people/other dogs/children and also keep the area clean. If you do not clear up after your dog, you will be evicted from the site.

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