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Apocalyptica - Road to Ruin 2017

In the Beginning there was Road to Ruin - the seed of an idea of a gathering of Rat Car and RatBikers at a given point in time with a road run to a central gathering.

This very quickly matabolised and mutated into a gathering of Mad-Max inspired Armageddonists with design on a much larger event.

Several potential sites were investigated and a disused airfield at Finmere, Bucks was chosen for the venue


The Road to Ruin was the largest convoy of Post Armageddon vehicles seen on British roads. The destination was Jacks Hill Cafe on the A5 at Towcester - 35 mile trip punctuated by open-mouthed onlookers and camera phones - footage and photos were circulated worlwide!


Returning to the site after the run, all the vehicles took part in the Desolation Boulevard vehicle show, alongside more Doomsday-inspired motors that were not legally driveable on the highway.


Finmere was a WW2 Airbase with one remaining building - the Control Tower, from which a spectacular Laser light show illuminated the entire venue.

The site was populated with marquees, trade stalls, sideshows and food vendors and of course a well-stocked beer tent!

Entertainment was prolific with 8 bands over two days, Fire Dancers, Drag racing UniMotorcycles, Burlesque Sword Dancers and a fully driveable 1941 Grant Tank.

Staurday saw the first ever Road to Ruin road run - comprising 35 weird and wonderful Mad-Max inspired Wasteland Wandering vehicles of all types. From a pink Ford Focus on steroids with flame thrower and machine guns, to a ten-foot tall Hummer with all doors removed. There were Hot Rods, Vans, Matt-Black and rusted cars of all descriptions, let by a cohort of Mad-Ass Ratbikers through the lanes of Buckinghamshire.



for an external link to images from the original 2017 Festival

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