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Apocalypticvs - Road to Ruin4 2020

The 2020 festival fell foul of the actual Apocalypse! The Covid-19 Pandemic ensured that no festivals or events of any kind took place for this year.


However, not to be disillusioned with the global situation, our festival fans spent countless hours recreating costumes and rebuilding their vehicles for the next event.​

The Road to Ruin FaceBook page was buzzing throughout this time with tips and tricks for Post-Apocalyptic wear and weaponry. 

Many vehicle builds and modifications were discussed - often with solutions to enable safe and legal operation on the road.

2022 promises to be the Return from the ashes of C-19 and will be bigger and better than all before.

We have come a long way and we will bring you all with us!

Long Live the ROAD to RUIN!

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