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Apocalypticvs 2018

2018 saw a complete gear-up in the Festival experience.

A change of venue required an entire Post-Apocalyptic village to be built on the remains of a military rocket testing facility.

A massive undertaking and a masterminded approach to construction called in volunteers from across the nation to build a survival village like nothing seen before.

This year also saw the magnificent Planet Grunt stage in all it's pyrotechnical glory hosting the widest genres of bands and DJs to an enthusiastic audience.


Marauders entering the site were greeted with a maze of alleyways and tunnels winding this way and that (to confuse brain-hungry Zombies) topped with hi-rise sheds and gun turrets.

After successfully navigating the route in, the walls opened out to reveal a communal meeting point with Coffee Stall and seating together with tables for rebuilding rifles and other ordinance.

Further exploration took you to the main arena and Planet Grunt stage - surrounded by trading posts and eateries with the all important Beer Tent in full flow.

Personal attire was at an all-time high standard, with all manner of Wasteland Wear and Post Apoc garments, tools, headwear and masks.

For those wishing to add to or improve their survival gear, there were several stalls offering equipment and advice.

A fully working Forge and Blacksmith also was on hand for additional heavy metalwork.


Saturday saw 30+ vehicles of all types taking to the roads of Bucks for the Road to Ruin Road Run.

A 35 mile venture via country lanes through 3 town centres, with a photo-op stop at each, caused major interest with onlookers witnessing the Invasion.

The run was marshalled by a team of mad-arsed Ratbikers who valiantly stopped traffic at all major junctions and roundabouts to allow the convoy to pass.

There were NO challengers to their law!

Upon their return, all vehicles corralled up to form the Desolation Alley Vehicle Show.

Ch(K)ill Lounge

A favourite with all visiting the event was the Ch(K)ill Lounge - a covered room with plenty of comfy couches to relax and recover from the days (and nights) excesses.

By day the Lounge was adopted by artists and models for an ad-hoc Life-Drawing class. Any spare body parts also being employed for dramatic effect.

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